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Short Report including Market Price Valuation included 1 Unit (Commercial Properties)


Short Report including Market Price Valuation included 1 Unit (Commercial Properties)

Price: 3.549.00 Euro (including statutory VAT, If applicable) 

A short report, who included the market price valuation is carried out with an inspection of the property to be valued and is more detailed than a market price valuation from an expert. It usually comprises around 20 to 50 pages and is therefore longer than the market price valuation.

As part of the assignment, the respective expert determines in a more detailed form a possible purchase price that can be achieved for your property. This is done on the basis of information about the property and market data that professional experts are familiar with. The information on the property and the appraisal are shown in a detailed form. Attachments are usually included. As a rule, the appraiser needs to obtain register excerpts and other official information and documents for a market value determination. To procure and obtain Official Information and Documents for short report/market price valuations is the responsibility of the Customer. 

If you need support in obtaining the aforementioned information and documents for a Property Valuation and/or Short Report you can, if you wish, order our additional Services "PROCURE AND OBTAIN OFFICIAL INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTS FOR MARKET PRICE VALUATION AND/OR SHORT REPORT" for 750 Euro in our online shop.

After we have received your order, we will send you the prepared power of attorney via email required for this, with a request for your signature.

An officially prepared short report included market price valuation is recommended for example for 

  • buying or selling the property,
  • a donation
  • the documentation of the property value to the tax office

But: If you only want to sell your property, you usually do not need a short report appraisal. In this case, you can order a market price valuation in our online shop and refer to the market value.


Real estate sale: What are the advantages of a valuation report?
If you want to sell your house, you can use a valuation report to set a realistic selling price for your property. You will find out from an expert opinion which price makes sense based on the current market conditions. This way, you don't set your sales price too high or too low. You can also justify the price to a potential buyer with a qualified appraisal.
A valuation report provides clarity on all fronts when it comes to the price of a property.

How is a valuation done for a property?
There are three common procedures used to create a valuation report for a property (house, apartment, etc.). In order to be able to determine the value as precisely as possible, at least two of them are usually used.

Comparative value method: Here the real estate appraiser determines the value of the property based on the sales prices of comparable objects. In the ideal case, the characteristics of the comparable properties match those of the property to be valued in order to be able to create a meaningful appraisal.
Earnings value method: With this method, the appraiser evaluates the property based on the income that it brings in as a rental property. Living space and rental price/m² are decisive for this. In addition, there is the land value (value of the undeveloped property), the building yield value (collective income + costs for managing the property) and the property interest rate (determined by the appraisal committee of the respective municipality; depends on location, size and type).
Real value method: Here the property is appraised with regard to the construction costs. Added to this is the value of the land. The appraiser also takes into account the depreciation of the property.


Price explanation: Explanation of the possibly higher price for the ordered market price valuation, if the property to be valued belongs to more than one unit and/or a value-relevant burden/right has to be taken into the valuation.

The initial payment is 50% (1.774.50 Euro) in advance with the order. The final invoice is 3.549.00 Euro (including statutory VAT, If applicable). If there is an special legal burden/right, for example lifelong right of residence, usufruct right, superstructure right, leasehold, window rights, real loads or other similar Burdens/rights, we charge for each of them an extra fee of 800.00 EuroWalking, driving and routing/line burdens/rights are usually normal rights that do not mean any additional work (no extra fee). That means in such construction the final invoice is 4.349.00 Euro (including statutory VAT, If applicable)

If ordered in our Online Shop each additional unit costs 650.00 Euro in the same property, for example If not ordered before, the Customer can before or while the Property Viewing Order online the needed additional units or If not possible, signs in written form. 

For example, if the property is an commercial property with one shop and 3 office units, means in total 4 units in the same property, then would be the final invoice 5.304.00 Euro (including statutory VAT, If applicable) (3.549.00 Euro for the first unit plus 3 * 650.00 Euro with 10% discount = 1.755.00 Euro for the additional units).

If you order more additional units in the same property you will get an discount of 10% on additional units, if the minimum order value is 1.300 Euro.

For the final market price valuation it is mandatory to include factual and actually existing additional units, also special legal burden/right. That means also, if these facts are given, the final and total price to be paid for the commissioned/ordered valuation increases as shown above, to which the customer agrees with the order.

Shipping and Payment terms:

For delivery exclusively by e-mail (worldwide), we do not charge any shipping costs. This means that you will receive the delivery by e-mail or via a link communicated by e-mail. You can use this link to download the delivery (e.g. area measurement with floor plan and area calculation).

Delivery times: Unless a different period is specified in the respective offer or individually agreed, the delivery will take place within approx. 7-14 days after the complete area measurement of the property has taken place on site, a complete inspection of the property in the course of a property valuation and all the necessary documents are available or, if necessary, with all necessary documents are available for a property valuation without inspection.

The delivery takes place via e-mail or a download link communicated via e-mail. You will receive the final invoice in advance by email. After receipt of payment of the final invoice, you will receive the delivery by e-mail or a download link sent by e-mail.

Deliveries on request by mail: We calculate the shipping costs for this as a flat rate as follows: 35.00 Euro (including statutory VAT, If applicable)

Terms of payment: 50% of the price of the selected service (e.g. area measurement with floor plan and area calculation, also property valuation and/or short report) must be paid in the online shop with the order or in advance, the final payment is made before delivery (e.g. area measurement with floor plan and area calculation) or before the download of the delivery is approved.

The following additional services in our online shop available, if needed.

  • Express appointment in the next 5 working days for 590.00 Euro (including statutory VAT, If applicable)
  • Procure and obtain official information and documents for market price valuation and/or short report for 750.00 Euro (including statutory VAT, If applicable)


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  3. Transparent and Detailed Reports: Our comprehensive valuation reports provide you with a clear understanding of how we arrived at the valuation figure. We break down the factors considered, explain the methodologies employed, and present the data in an easily understandable format. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions confidently.

  4. Timely Service: We understand the importance of time in the real estate market. Whether you're buying, selling, refinancing, or simply curious about your property's value, we strive to provide our valuation reports promptly, without compromising accuracy or quality. You can count on us to deliver results within the agreed-upon timeframe.

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